Leadership skills as an adaptation from childhood???

by | Aug 28, 2023 | Leadership

Ever since I was a child, I have been told that I have good leadership qualities, or as children say: "you stand up and others follow you". And that's what I did, stood my ground. For what was right and wrong, I liked to feel strong and brave, fearless. I knew that I had support from home, that civil courage was important. I was appointed peer supporter every year we had it in my class. It's quite pleasantly packaged, uncharged until the contact with reality kicks in. When I stay in it and let the emotions take over.

Which child needs to feel strong?

Which child needs to feel brave?

What child needs to feel fearless?

Then a part of me wakes up and says: Don't make anything of something that is nothing, there were others who had it worse. Back to staying in it. Stay in what? Stay in the feelings. What was the function of being that girl in school? What function has it served for me to be that woman in the professional world who is strong, brave and fearless? You see, you are never finished.

Exciting!(says one)

Terrible!(says another)

Regardless of interpretation and perspective, it is what it is. It has fulfilled ONE function, the question for me as an adult is - is that need still there or can I lead from other premises today - here and now? There will be a continuation of that. For now I leave you with the reflection I offer - what qualities do you carry with you from childhood and if you are a leader -how much of your child self is present in your leadership?

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